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Welcome to the Herbert Wellness Center Motvation Page. THIS is more than a web-page, it is the ultimate  online fitness/wellness resource exclusively for Herbert Wellness Center members.  This highly interactive FREE program allows members:

  • Log workouts and track progress
  • Track fitness assessment data over time
  • Communicate with professional wellness staff
  • Access various pre-developed workouts (with pictures & descriptions)
  • Find your true age  
  • Complete a nutrition analysis
  • Check Wellness Center class and event schedules
  • Read online health and fitness articles
  • Participate in fun and motivating incentive programs [coming soon!]
  • Create a Team Challenge [coming soon!] 

Want to get FREE access to this program?

It’s simple. Your first step is to complete a fitness assessment or register for a personal trainer at the Wellness Center. 

The assessment is a simple battery of tests to determine your:

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Body Composition
  • Muscular Fitness
  • Flexibility

After the assessment, your counselor will review your results, help you set reasonable fitness goals and create an online account for you to track your progress. 

You should perform a re-assessment every 8-10 weeks

Make an appointment

To make an appointment contact the Wellness Suite at (305) 284-LIFE.  

Also, to get more information regarding the benefits of exercise visit:

This web page is managed by the University of Miami Wellness Center staff.  The CHAMP program is free to all University of Miami Students thanks to an
established by University alumni Patricia (BBA ’57) and Allan Herbert (BBA ’55, MBA ’58).


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